Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Dear all,

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year..

Have a prosperous 2009..

And may all your wishes and dreams will come true..

How 2008 has been for all all you?

Come and share and do drop some comments!

Ila Natrah

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quantum Of Cash Promotion

Dear friends,

Good News!

For any prudential policy purchased from me and approved from now till 15th dec 2008, half (50%) of a month's premium will be given back as CASH to the policy holder.

for eg, if a person purchased a policy with a monthly premium of rm300 by15th dec 2008, rm150 will be given back as CASH to the person.

pls spread this around especially to those who are still hesitating. thispromotion ends on 15th dec 2008. other terms and conditions apply. call me now!

Hurry up coz 4 days remaining!

Makan2 @ Asma's House


Ari nie, 9th December 2008, a day after Raya Haji, after lunch appt kat Menara Maybank ako dec ide nk gi open house Asma, sementara nk ngu ptg nye appt. Opps, sebelum ako cite pasal makan2 kat umah asma, ako nk bgtau korang yg ako br je dapat laptop baru - exchange program ngan adik ako, sunggu berjasa laptop ku ini, dah la ringan, senang dibawa, kaler pink lak tuu..sungggguh ayu..

ako nye laptop cm nie lah =)

Alhamduliah, ako managed to close case base on advice ako bagi on dot.sebelum ni bleh jer tp ako kena balik ofis buat quotation dlu pastue send thru email/meet another round. so,dengan laptop ku, semua hanya dengan sekali or max 2 times appt sahaja dah leh close case. ako ok jer nk jmpe beberapa kali tp korang kan biz woman n time is limited.. hehehe..closed case ako lunch ari nie..alhamdulilah..

ok, smpi umah asma, seperti biase menu asma - keutiow soto,nasi goreng, sambal udang, choc moist cake,aiskrem,ayam golek(x smpt mkn lah sbb bile smpi dah abis). ako definitely tak leh mkn seround, konpem 2-3 rounds kan. sambil nak mengcukupkan rounds ako, ako finalize kan asma nye PruLady plan, Alhamdulilah btul2 rezki ako hari nie, dapat closed case..

Ako ingat nak gerak lah dalam kul 5 cam tu sbb after work nk jmpe client kat OU. tetiber,abg Sydi nak tanye pasal insurans plan tok anak die..baru dapat baby boy baru kan..citer nye cite n dengan bantuan laptop ku jgk..ako leh bg advice on dot sbb leh play around ngan quotation kan..Alhamdulilah mmg murah rezki gi open house asma, abg sydi pun amik education plan tok anak yg menarik ako nak cite ngan korang, ako tak pernah bg hopital benefits smpi 7 units - rm350 per day sbb ako fokus bg protection yg lain. tp abd sydi nye experience kire worth it lah amik sampai 350 per day coz ader 1 time tue both daughters die demam panas n kena admitted to hospital. so, stay 5 hari kat ospital,sorang dapat claims dari hospital benefits around dpt rm2,000! terus duit hospital benefits tue die gune tok rolling bayar insurans setahun..

bergantung gak pd kehendak clients ako, kalo budget ok, kite leh up sket hospital benefits till 7 units k..

tak abis lg cite ako kat umah asma, dh nk bungkus nie, abg sydi promote kt adik ipar die, kire adik asma lah, bende bagus mmg patut dikgsi pun kan..Alhamdulilah, adik asma pun amik ngan ako gak..

lg 1, ako tgh buat promosi, kalo sesaper amik insurans ngan ako n approved by 15th december 2008 nie, ako akn return balik 50% drg nye 1st month, worth it aper, kalo amik rm300 policy, ako return balik rm150..bulan nie jer tau..

sangat2 tak rugi amik insurans,bukan hanya tok protection je tp nvestment pun ada..kalo nak tau lebih lanjut call/text ako kat 012-217 9790 or mail me at


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grab Your Prudential BSN Takaful Executive Diary 2009 for FREE!

Dear Friends,

Grab your Prudential BSN Takaful Diary 2009 for FREE!

How can you do that?

Simple! Get protected with Prudential / PruBSN Takaful with me as your agent from 26th - 28th November 2008 and you entitle to have it. Not only that, upon submisson of the proposal, you will get immediate Personal Accident (PA) coverage. Let me help you to list the benefits of making decision now :-

1) You will get an immediate PA coverage

2) You can fasten up ur medical card waiting period.

3) For those that celebrate thier birthday this month ( Nov 2008), I can help you to backdated the premium inception date so you can enjoy the coverage as ur previous age. Don't be surprise, ur decision will help you to SAVE up to rm3000 in long run

4) You got a FREE Prudential BSN Takaful Executive Diary 2009

For those that still in dilemma either to get protected now or to wait later or maybe next year, wait no more coz there is no better time than today. Let's your family and friends know about it !

Hurry up, contact Ila at 012-217 9790 to set appointment or mail me at

P/S This promotion is for proposal that submitted from 26th-28th Novermber 2008. Terms and Conditions apply.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Azam Ku Sebagai Bloggers!

Dear readers,

Well, to be honest kan, I have to work hard till year end to meet my year end target, but for a fact, I know what I need to do, I still proscatinate it ( jangan tiru k). so, today, dri lunch ako dok depan PC ni, sbbnyer sblm nie asyik kuar mencari appointment jer kan...ari nie jer k..

so, ako gie lah melawat 1 blog to another blog n sampai lah kat bes blog die..very entertaining, bhs pun tak baku sangat, sempoi jer (sori ekk, ako cb gak nk buat bhase tak brape baku, tp x jadi plak).. die citer pasai kerja dier lah, hubby dier lah, gegirl n abang lah ( redmummy nyer children)..kagum nk tau bape banyak entries satu ari ? bkn 4/5 k tp 7 entries beb...fewww! sorilah beb, ako tak tau pun pasai die eventhough die dh dpt awards n dpt promo dr maxis n nuffnang x pe, mne kte leh cedok jd inspirasi kte amik k...

so, ako ingat kalo bebtul nak berbloging at least ako nak cb bt per day per entry dulu..rase cam dh ok, kite up sket ke 2-3 kucing berlari plak kan.. ako still ngan ako nyer intention nak citer pasal prudential, insurance,financial, but nk gak share ngan org ramai pasai benda yg ako buat selain dr insurans kan kan kan..

sebenarnye, dh lame ako beli buku rahsia bloggers tok blaja cam ane nak dptkan, hrp2 ade yg menjadi lah ekk...btw, ade promo kat website dorang, tp ako beli buku drg kat MPH mahai sket lah..

My Top Fav Game - Diner Dash 2

Asyik-asyik cakap pasai prudential pun boring gak kan..once in a lifetime kena gak cari bende2 yg leh memantapkan diri..sperti main game lah..ntah ape ntah kemaruk main game kt umah..Diner Dash 2..huhuhuhu...kesah nye cam nie..

ako ade buat free lance IT job ( I kan org IT dedulu - godek database jer reti, yg lain tak tau k ), so happen gi kat opis membe ni, die ade CD yg bg free trial dinner dash 2 game, sonok punye sonok main smpi kerja kena buat tak terbuat..smpi minta pjm CD tue, nak main kat umah, tp bile bw umah tak leh instal plak..

tp hehhehe kebetulan ja-r (my sista) dr UTM balik, bw pen drive yg ade colection game bes2..tupp tupp ade diner dash 1, aper lagi..tido kul 3 pg lah buatnye main yg plg tak best nyer ja-r kate, "kak natrah, awak ni k'tgalan zaman lah, game nie dh lame, kwn2 ja-r sume dh bosan" takpe, drg tue budak U, blaja n main jer kerja nyer..kak natrah nie bekerja..mane leh bekerja n main ( poyoo gillerrr )

tp bes lah main game nie, nk release tensen..opsss..jgn leka sgt k...for d fact ako dah main game nie everyday almost for 2 weeks k...jgn mare yang!
p/s highly recomended for simple mind relaxing :)

Upgraded Medical Card With Higher Lifetime Limit from Prudential

Salamz to readers,

The introduction of PMM5 (upgraded medical card) comes at an impeccable time when competition and medical inflation fuel consumer demand for a medical plan with higher benefits.

We are pleased to announce that PMM5 is designed with a revised lifetime limit that is 10x of the annual limit. With this feature, customers will have a longer period of financial protection before the lifetime limit is exhausted due to major claims.

Product Features

PMM5 essentially has the same product features as PMM4. The main differences lie in:

1) The lifetime limit of PMM5 is 10x of annual limit while the lifetime limit of PMM4 is only 3x of
annual limit.

2) Premiums and charges for PMM5 is 5% higher than that of PMM4.

The table below summarises the benefits of PMM5:

So, fellow friends, i'm calling all your people out there that still looking for a good medical coverage, wait no more coz Prudential Medical Card is coming right in front of you. Ask these few questions to urself :-

1) Does my company provide me any medical coverage at any event I need major operations? If Yes, how much is the limit? Just for ur info, to remove a 'bisul' can cause RM6k at private hospital, admitted to a hospital for a week can also damage ur pocket.

2) Do I have RM50,000 park aside in case of emergency ?

My friends, if U answer NO either 1 of the questions, please, I urge u, park aside 10% of ur salary for ur own medical card, personal accident and crisis cover protection and the best thing is, if u have not claim anything, u still get ur investment return. Isn't great :)

Please, do not hesitate to give me a call at 012-217 9790 or mail me at for more info and U can get free quotation from me.

Best Regards,
Ila Natrah

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Berhari Raya di Tg Malim

Hello friends,

Masuk hari nie, adalah dekat sebulan tak update blog nie, bukan ape, PC punye problem lah, ingatkan network card rosak tupp..tuppp PC banyak virus, hehehhee..ari nie baru OK sket..

BTW, how is everyone 'RaYa'? Mine was OK, first time celebrate kat Tg Malim kat umah sndri. Kat umah my parents (yg dorang akan duduk bile dah bersara nanti,bile? lg 5 tahun..huhuhuhu) but d preparation to celebrate' RaYa' kat 'retirement' house was enjoyable n fun, rumah yg kosong tue, kitaorg import old furniture frm umah kat KL and amik gak katil lama, amik langsir lama sume export ke Tg Malim. Dinding yg tak fresh colournyer kitaorg cat mix of blue colours...

After raya kat Tg Malim, balik KL lawat yg kat sebelah mak plak, tapi sempat round sehari jer sbb on Friday,3rd raya dah kena gie Pahang, teman Mak Ngah balik Mentakab, anak buah die kahwin..seronok gak tetibe raya ker Pahang nie...banyak gak mengutip pengalaman prepare kan majlis kawen..tak senang beb..tak menang tangan dibuatnyer.. well, that it, my 'RaYa' about urs? harapnyer aidilfitri kali membawa seribu makna kepada semua !

Hope it's not too late to wish everyone 'Selamat Hari Raya' and 'Maaf Zahir Batin'..
Oppsss..lupe nak promote Prudential, kepada sesape yg nak ajak makan kuih raya, lemang ker, rendang ker sambil nak borak borak pasal investment, jgn lupe call I k at 012-217 9790 or mail jer kat

Bye..last but not least my 'RaYa' photo kat Tg Malim with relatives...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How stool can determine your health

Salam Ramadan to all, hopefully 3rd day of Ramadan bring much barakah to all of us. I can feel the difference of this Ramadan as I go home early and reach home as early as 4pm. My routine start from boiling the water,cook rice, prepare dishes and today I'm very happy that I made Roti Jala and Curry Chicken .I truly enjoyed the luxury of breaking fast with the family which something I not enjoyed on my previous working life.

No major things happen on my career as prudential agent on this fasting month but I certainly wanted to share some stories from the talk I went last week, 25th August 2008. The speaker was Mr. Chan, Senior Agency Manager from Singapore. Mr. Chan said there is one thing that can tell our health status. You want to know what is it? It's your stools. The normal stools should be:-

  • 1. Light brown colour. Dark or Black colour means your stools has been kept in colon for very long ( 3-4 days or even a week ). Common practice is to go toilet every day.
  • 2. Sink or float? Check your stools, if it sink, not a good signal, means it has been in the colon for a quite sometimes.
3. Weight, normal stools should be at 600g average,if it lesser, than the system is not functioning as it suppose to be

4. Shape. If your stools shape is like a pencil or narrower than usual..hmmm, you might want to check with doctor as it's a symptom of colon cancer

5. Finding blood ( either bright red or very dark) in your stool.. This is a serious symptom, if it occur, don't delay to perform check with doctor.

Most often, all symptoms are not due to cancer as other health problem can have the same symptoms. The thing I would like to emphasis is, Have U Had Enough Medical Coverage should any of these things happen to you? Ohhh, my company covers me..don't be too sure my friend, because your company also a business institution and they have their own internal limit. If the cost exceeded 20,000, do u have money to settle it? Or if u have, don't u wanted to use it for something else rather than paying medical cost? It's your own choice.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to email me at or sms/call me at 012-217 9790.

May God Bless Us in this Ramadan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Takaful Puteri & Takaful Puteri Plus

Salamz kepada semua, alhamdulilah baru baru ni Pudential BSN Takaful telah melangkah setapak maju kehadapan dalam memastikan peranan nya sebagai syarikat takaful pertama di Malaysia dengan melancarkan lagi satu produk khas untuk kaum wanita. Produk ini diberi nama Takaful Puteri dan Takaful Puteri Plus.

a) Takaful Puteri

Manfaat Penjagaan Wanita yang melindungi anda daripada penyakit-penyakit berkaitan wanita

b) Takaful Puteri Plus
Manfaat Penjagaan Wanita yang melindungi anda daripada penyakit-penyakit yang berkaitan wanita.
Manfaat Penjagaan Ibu yang melindungi komplikasi kehamilan dan penyakit-penyakit congenital bayi (penyakit sejak lahir)


A) 100% jumlah yang diinsurankan akan dibayar untuk satu tuntutan daripada mana-mana kejadian di bawah.

  • Kanser berkaitan wanita
  • Kanser payudara atau
  • Kanser Uterus Serviks atau
  • Kanser Tiub Falapio atau
  • Kanser Ovari atau
  • Kanser Uterus atau
  • Kanser Vagina/Vulva

B) 100% jumlah yang diinsurankan akan dibayar jika berlaku Lupus Eritematosus Sistemik (SLE) dengan Lupus Nefritis

C) 30% daripada jumlah yang diinsurankan akan dibayar sekiranya disahkan mengidap Karsinoma-in-situ Payudara atau Uterus Serviks.

Bagaimanapun, apabila disahkan kemudiannya mengidap kanser berkaitan wanita atau Lupus Eritematosus Sistemik dengan Lupus Nefritis, kami akan membayar baki 70% daripada jumlah yang diinsurankan.

B) 30% daripada jumlah yang diinsurankan akan dibayar untuk satu tuntutan daripada mana-mana kejadian di bawah.

  • Artritis Reumatiod dengan Komplikasi atau
  • Pembedahan Rekonstruksi Payudara atau
  • Pembedahan Rekonstruksi Muka kerana kemalangan atau
  • Grafting kulit kerana kebakaran atau
  • Grafting kulit Kanser kulit atau
  • Keretakan Osteoporosis


A) RM10,000 akan dibayar untuk satu tuntutan daripada mana-mana kejadian di bawah

  • Komplikasi Kehamilan
  • Penyebaran Penggumpalan Intravaskular (selepas hamil 7 bulan) atau
  • Kehamilan Ektopik atau
  • Keguguran Lewat (dari hari 126 hingga hari 196 kehamilan) atau
  • Kematian Fetus (selepas hamil 196 hari) atau
  • Kematian Anak (dalam tempoh 30 hari selepas kelahiran)

B) Tuntutan untuk satu daripada mana-mana kejadian dibawah.RM20,000 akan dibayar.

  • Penyakit-penyakit Kongential Bayi
  • Sindrom Down atau
  • Kecacatan Vetrikel Septum atau
  • Kecacatan Atrium Septum atau
  • Spina Bifida atau
  • Lelangit Rekah
Bayi mestilah hidup lebih dari 30 hari selepas kelahiran dan didiagnosis dalam tempoh 2 tahun selepas kelahiran.

Nota :

Kejadian yang boleh dituntut di bawah Manfaat Penjagaan Wanita Dan Manfaat Penjagaan Ibu mestilah kejadian pertama yang berlaku di sepanjang hayat Hayat Diinsurankan

Kepada rakan -rakan wanita yang mencari plan khusus untuk wanita dan mematuhi hukum shariah, jangan berlengah lagi, hubungi saya di atau atau sms/telefon saya di 012 -217 9790.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Andrea's Fabby Baby!

I would like to introduce everyone to my friend Andrea, she was my ex-colleague. One thing about her, she such an angel with 'bitch' behaviour..opsss, mind my language...just kidding ya babe. To be honest, she is so sweet and I enjoyed every single time with her n she is such a lovely babe..

Apart of her 'happy go lucky' character, unfortunately on June 2008, she was diagnosed of having a fibroid on her uterus. The diameter was about 6cm and on July it grew till 10 cm.. Just imagine a tennis ball, or not, maybe a lawn ball..slightly bigger..Imagine, such a ball on your uterus..It's scary..

Honestly, I was so shocked when I hear it as it was never come across in my mind tat such an energetic babe will get it, some more she still young and single. But then, as I think back, I got another friend tat also young, single and perfectly fit has cyst at her right ovary and endometriosis at her left ovary. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE on these modern days..And in fact it's common amongst young ladies to get it.

But now come to the worst part, as Andrea plan to undergo her surgery which schedule on August 2008 and when she checked with the company on the financial stuff . Guess what, she does NOT have any medical card from the company as the company did not buy any insurance plan for her...Things getting dirty and from what I heard also, they were numbers of her colleagues do not have any insurance plan.

Just take a deep breath and think about these :-
1) What will happen if one of the employees meet an accident and need to admitted and the operation cost will reach 5 figures?

2) What will happen if the company is just a small sendirian berhad which hardly breathe and having problem to pay the company salary and need to come out with 5 figures and to pay the operation cost?

3) What will happen if company doesn't want to pay the surgery cost?
What will happen if..What will happen..and the list continues...

You want to know the solution? Simple, just park aside 10% of your salary, purchase on investment + savings + protection + medical card plan from Prudential..Why Prudential? Because Prudential holds 21% market share and pay out 40% claims in year 2007 which equivalent to RM800 million! All your worries and questions will be answered..SO SIMPLE..

Coming back to Andrea story, lucky for her, she is an existing client from Prudential..Thanks ya babe for choosing Prudential! Worst case also, the medical card is always there for her to swipe..Lucky for her also that the company is willing to come out with their own company money to cover the expenses..It's the luck!

But, remember one thing, not everyone is lucky, is always good to think about selfish, think about ourselves because at the end, we don't want to be such a burden to others.

I wish you all the best babe and I know u such a strong girl!!
And Yes I Do Love You.. (-:

Kita Bukan Isteri Perdana Menteri

Kita bukan isteri perdana menteri....

Kalau kita isteri perdana menteri,
Kita tak perlu takut sbb semua free,
Sebab kita boleh buat rawatan kimoterapi
Kanser di Los Angeles,
US Ratus - ratus ribu,
High class facilities,
Kerajaan tanggung in and out,
Buat rawatan sambil bercuti,
Sapa nak bagi,
Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarhamah Datin Sri Endon,

Kita bukan Azean Irdawaty,
Aktress yg terkenal pun tak lepas dari kanser,
Ye la kanser tak pilih bulu,
Pun tak cukup duit rawat kanser,
Tapi takpa,
masuk paper Berita Harian, Metro,Utusan dan macam2 mintak derma,
Masuk TV3 mintak ringankan beban,

Mcm2 persatuan bagi derma,
Zakat Selangor bagi RM 30 000,
Orang lain bole dapat ker mcm ni ?
RM 90 000 bukan senang nak cari,
Berlakon satu filem di bayar RM 60 000,
Setahun 3 filem dah RM 180 000,
Banyak gaji Pn Azean ni,
Tak masuk drama dan iklan,
Mcm ni punya kaya pun kena
mintak derma lagi.....

Gaji you + husband ada RM180,000 setahun ?
RM100,000? RM 30000 ?
Alahai sedihnyer....

Kanser tak pilih bulu,
Hari ni sihat,
Bulan depan tengok2
Kanser dah stage 3,
14 hari ketumbuhan 5cm dah jadi 10 cm,
1 dari 19 wanita menghidap kansersetiap tahun ????
Bila giliran kiter agaknyer ??

Hospital kerajaan yang macam pasar basah tu boleh setel cepat ker?
Bukan nak hentam Hospital Kerajaan,
Facilities dan kepakaran
Hospital Kerajaan dan Swasta setanding....
Tapi Doktor Kerajaan sendiri cakap,
Kes elektif mcm kanser atau jantung,
Atau kritikal,
Eloklah jangan ditangguh rawatan,
Mcm mana nak cepat?
Sbb kita bukan isteri perdana menteri....

Nak rawatan cepat kena pergi hospital swasta,
Hospital swasta paham2 lah,
Bisnes tetap bisnes,
RM 20 000, buat kimo sajer, satu cycle jer,
tak masuk rawatan yang lain,
Bila dah kena,
ada yang bergadai rumah,
ada yang bergadai tanah,
Kos rawatan + kos sara hidup
(dah sakit tak bleh p kerja dah...)
Boleh cecah RM 100 ribu..ada yang lebih..
Kalau duit rawatan + duit sara hidup +kos rawatan susulan RM 150 000, mcm mana ?

Simpan RM 200 sebulan di ASB pun
10 tahun belum cukup RM 100 000..
Kalu simpan RM 200 di Takaful,
esok dah ada dana kecemasan RM 150 000,
Kalau tak dak jadi aper2 dapat balikModal + Investment...
Ni pun tak boleh paham ker ?

Setengah orang kedekut..
kalau tak kedekut,
mungkin tak paham,
beli kereta bayar RM 500 boleh,
RM 1500 pun takper,
asal bergaya,
beli emas ribu - ribu sanggup,
tapi nak bayar 5% dari gaji bulan utk
kecemasan rasa mahal,
sedangkan benda ni wajib + penting,
dana kecemasan la katakan,
kalau ada RM 150 000 dalam bank hari ni takper,
tapi kalu ada kecemasan,
RM 150 000 kena guna,
habis lah duit you,
kene kumpul balik….
kan ker baik kalau orang lain
bagi RM150,000 utk kecemasan,

RM200 mahal?
RM 150 mahal gak ?
RM 90 mahal lagi ????

Orang Cina bila dapat 1st gaji
diorang tak plan nak beli kereta Honda
Orang Melayu bila dapat 1st gaji
terus plan nak beli kurang2 Waja,
Orang Cina bila dapat 1st gaji,
diorang pikir Investment,
pikir Insurance,

Orang Melayu bila dapat 1st gaji
diorang pikir nak pakai kereta aper,
sport rim 17 inci wajib,
Perancang kewangan kater,
utk kereta tak lebih 12% dari gaji bulan,
Gaji RM 2500 sebulan,
patut beli kereta yg bayar bulan RM 300/sebulan,
Wira second ok la..kenari second ker..
utk permulaan.....

ramai tak ikut..
gaji RM 2500,
beli kereta Honda CityRM 600/sebulan.....
24% dah tuh..
Perancang kewangan kater,
60% gaji utk hutang + perbelanjaan,
40 % utk investment + dana persaraan + insurance,
Orang melayu 99% gaji utk hutang +belanja sara hidup...
1 % utk simpanan...

Beraper kerat jer orang melayu ada
RM 50 000 cash dalam bank lepas 5 tahun kera,
Bila orang suruh beli takaful / insurance.....
tak cukup bulan2 nak bayar......
pakat2 la betulkan kedudukan
kewangan korang semua....

Orang Kerajaan berlagak,
Penyakit dan rawatan semua di tanggung,
Betul tu….
Habis hari2 orang kerajaan masuk paper
mintak derma mcm maner?

Kita bukan isteri Perdana Menteri,
Bukan juga adik Menteri,
Menteri dan PM sendiri pun cari hospital swasta utk rawatan,
kat US lagi tuh,

Pegawai jabatan jer? clerk jer?
Pegawai sains jer? Ketua Jabatan? Pensyarah?
Ok la skit dengar bunyik nyer,

OK sebulan lagi datang balik
buat Test tu Test ni,
OK tunggu result 2 minggu,
OK kena tunggu giliran buat pembedahan,
mungkin 3 bulan lagi,
Senarai list 10 muka surat,
tahun depan pun ada nak dapat giliran,
mintak maaf cakap, inilah realiti......

Orang kerja Swasta lagi lah tak sedar diri,
Konon - konon Multi Nasional Company...
Majikan Cover la katakan...
Berapa ribu beb ?
Sampai bila beb ?
Berapa limit beb ?
8 bulan kena kanser tak pi kerja
Majikan nak cover lagi ker beb ????
pencen umur 55 thn
habis takdak coverage dah...

86% warge tua melayu sekarang
tiada coverage insurance..
golongan ni berada di tahun akhir1970an dan 1980an...
tengah kuat kerja mcm kita,
tapi masa tu insurans tak famous
di kalangan orang melayu,
sekarang ada satu pilihan jer lah...
hospital kerajaan...

kalau nak ke hospital swasta...
kena cari dana sendiri...EPF?
Untuk persaraan pun tak cukup
inikan pula nak tanggung medical...

Sekarang banyak company besar2
beroperasi di Malaysia,
Tapi sampai bila ?
Itu pun kalau majikan
masih sudi beroperasi di Malaysia,

Bisnes is bisnes,
bukan badan kebajikan atau welfare...
kalau kos operasi dah mahal...
pegi tempat lain la jwbnyer..
nak beli takaful masa umur 55?
Besar belanjer nyer beb..
itu pun kalau layak...

Majikan paling besar dalam Malaysia..
adalah Kerajaan Malaysia,
Insyallah dah berpuluh tahun beroperasi..
tak bungkus...
walaupun kalah byk di PRU12 baru2 ni,..takper..
Majoriti mudah dalam tangan...
kalu PAS ker PKR kerperintah Malaysia pun,
kerajaan tetap jalan mcm biasa...

Kerja Kilang besar mana pun,
risiko nak bungkus tetap ada,
US dah meleset, Kilang US kat Msia ni byk dalam bahaya...
Kat Malaysia pun
operator kilang Melayu dah skit…
berlambak Bangla, Vietnam , Nepal... murah...
Sikit hari lagi, depa pakat – pakat
pindah Operasi pi Bangla...
Hampa ternganga....
Tu pun masih tak sedar diri lagi..

IKM-HUKM Hospital yg terbaik dari segi facilities bagi rawatan kanser,
Hospital Kerajaan nih…
Hospital Swasta n Kerajaan kadang2 akan refer sini,
Sini ada golongan yg tak perlu bayar,
atau bayar seminimum yg mungkin,
Ada yang kena bayar 100%..
bagi yang ada coverage insurance,
Boleh buat loan nak buat rawatan disini...buat loan ?
Cukup la loan rumah, loan kereta
dah beban dah.....

Kebarangkalian nak jatuh dalam
GROUP tak payah bayar sangat lah rendah..
Second group kena bayar skit.
skit berapa skit...
RM 20 ribu ?
RM 30 ribu ?
Tengok kes ler...
So, are we hoping for the luck
to fall in the Not Need Pay Group ??

Husband kerja, wife kerja...
boleh bayar bulan - bulan aper ....
Ibarat guna Kad kredit ler,
Kad kredit Visa Jammed,
Gunerlah pulak Kad Mastercard,
(Mana2 yg pakai kad kredit,stop dan tukar pada Kad Debit plak...)

Bila jalan jauh,
spare tyre kena ada,
Jahanam satu tayar,
ada lagi satu tyre spare..

Sama juga kes you,
Mana boleh dapat rawatan kerajaan,
pergi la takda masalah,
Tapi bila lambat dan waiting list panjang,
pegi la hospital swasta nak cepat...(dengan coverage insuranse la yer...)

Kanser bila dah kena,
keluarga merana,
isteri kena kanser suami merana,
suami kena kanser isteri merana,
kehilangan keluarga tersayang
taktau nak cakap ler sedihnyer,
Kesian anak2...

Gaji Laki bini RM 2500 + RM 2500..
Wow.. RM 5000
satu tumbang...tinggal RM 2500 jer..
dah la tak cukup...
nak tanggung kos rawatan kanser lagik..
kalau takdak insurans.....
masuk paper ler mintak derma..
tanggung sakit memang perit,
takda duit nak buat rawatan lagi tambah pedih,
Ajal dan maut di tangan tuhan akhirnyer
Kalau dah sampai ajal, pergi jua...
Sekurang2nya kita mencuba,
dapatkan rawatan terbaik,
Jangan nanti terkilan salah kan diri sendiri,
Sbb lambat dapat rawatan...
Why lambat ? tak der duit..

Suami-suami yang menyayangi isteri...
Isteri - isteri yang menyayangi suami..
Lepas baca nukilan nih,
bincang - bincanglah sesama sendiri,
Suami belikan takaful untuk isteri...
Takkan isteri nak beli untuk suami..
Apa2 pun bolehlah...

Nasihat saya...
Takaful atau Insurans ..
hanya boleh dibeli dengan KESIHATAN,
Hanya orang yang SIHAT je ..
boleh beli insurans atau takaful…
You mampu bayar RM 500 sebulan pun,
Bila dah SAKIT,
orang tak pandang dah,
Nukilan ni bukan nak perli saper2,
Just nak bukak minda jer,
Mintak maaf kalau ada yang teraser,
Sementara sihat, eloklah beringat..
Bila dah sakit...Wallahulalam...

Kita bukan isteri mana - mana Perdana Menteri...
hatta Menteri sekali pun...

Karya diatas adalah hasil nukilan:
En. Yuzairi Yunus

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ila, Apa Beza Antara Conventional Insurace Ngan Takaful Ekk?

Salamz untuk semua...hemmm...soalan paling 'glamer'...dialog ako biasenye :-

ila : so, korang ok ker nak amik conventional atau nak takaful

prospects : ako beza die

ila : senang citer, mcm conventional bank ngan islamic bank, cam tue jugak lah conventional insurance ngan takaful

prospects : ok..ok....tapi ila still kureng paham lagi lah..contoh lain..

ila : actually konsep die sama, cuma yang beza, conventional insurance adalah non shariah compliance n takaful is shariah compliance. Bila takaful itu adalah shariah compliance; die akan bebas dari unsur gharar ( uncertainty ), maysir ( gambling) and riba ( interest ). Takaful company sendri ada shariah board yg akan monitor takaful company nyer activities such as; investmest must be shariah approved and etc. Contoh lagi, dalam takaful kita ada konsep tabarru' which meant setiap individu menyumbang dalam satu pool, so at any event berlaku musibah terhadap mana-mana individu ( contohnye, death, critical illness), duit dalam pool tue akan diberi kepada individu yg ditimpah musibah..

prospects : hemmm..bagus..ada paham sket..

ila: alhamdulilah, so kita proceed lah ngan takaful..ok?

so, ako terus lah tanya health questionnares sbb tak sume org entitle tok amik insurance kan...dah proses sain menyain akan go on lah..

kepada mana- mana individu yg masih memerlukan penerangan...please feel free to drop mail to or or sms me at 012-217 9790 and for those interested to get free quotation please do the same and don't forget to include ur name, dob, gender, smoking status and occupation..

Thank you and have a good day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Secret

2 months back, when I just started the business, I was introduced to "The Secret". I started with the DVD and I think it'WOOW' as it really 'The Secret'. Thanks to Ryonda Byrne who has revealed .Now, I know 'The Secret' and I shall share with all of you. Make your wish to the universe and the universe will say 'You wish is my command' . You can go to 'The Secret' website to have a preview.

I enjoyed wathcing the DVD and decided to purchase 'The Secret' book. Every time I need motivation, I read any chapter and BOOM, I felt the energy as it was transferred to me. Sound like 'poyo' jer, but it's true, try yourself.

In nutshell, these are my personal opinion on what 'The Secret' is all about :-

1. 'Law Of Attraction'. U attract wat is in ur thought. See, ur mind cannot differentiate 'I want' or 'I don't want'. Example, if you say 'I don't want to be late', ur mind can only read 'Late', it can't distinguish between want or don't want. Therefore, we need to change the way we think, always be in positive site, instead of 'I don't want to be late', u shud say ' I want to be early' and believe me, it really makes a difference.

2. 'Man becomes what he thinks'. Now, you need to be very extra careful what you are thinking because it will come to you. If u think about debts, more debts will come to you, if u thinks about traffic jammed, more traffic jammed come to you. if you think about MPPJ 'samans', more MPPJ 'samans' will come to you. U need to choose what is in ur thought. Focus on other things, focus on creating wealth than accumulating debts. Remember earlier I said, ur mind can't distinguish between want or don't want. If u said, I want to get out from debts, it still the debts u r thinking, than the universe will give it more to u.

3. Follow these 3 simple rules. ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. ASK from the universe what u want, like I want to drive BMW325i. BELIEVE you already have n u r driving a BMW325i. RECEIVE as feel the feeling of receive it. and trust me the BMW325i will be yours and it just a matter of time.

4. Gratitude. U need to be gratitude of what u have now. U can't live a bigger dream when u don't appreciate a small things u have now. Very simple, start to thank god that you have eyes to read the blog and fingers that allow u to touch the keyboards and clicking the mouse. Similar, U can't expect to have a happier relationship when at the current state u r not happy.

There are other things in 'The Secret' that can be applied to your life. In fact,I have started to apply it and feel the differences. As simple as ' I want to be early' rather than ' I don't want to be late'. You need to trust yourself.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I Chose to Be With Prudential ?

Y I chose to be with prudential ? Y ? Y ? and Y ? Hemm,to be honest, I can come out with a list of bullet proof explanation but personally, these are my reasons :-
1. I am prudential customer since 2006. My mum was the one who insists me to buy prudential, I still can recall the diaologue :
mom 'natrah, make sure awak beli prudential nye insurance, bagus tue'
me ' apa yg baguih nyer?'
mom ' bagus lah, aru tue mak dengar dorang explain, amik jer, awak tue kerja swasta, kang apa -apa jadi susah'
me ' Yess Boss, nanti natrah amik' . cut it short, i have my plan till today.

2. since then, I met lots n lost of prudential agents, they came to my x-office at phileo ( so happen, prudential has one branch at phileo damansara), they approached me at shopping complex, the called me. At first, I got a little bit annoyed and I believe lost of people have the same feeling. But, those annoyed feeling is nothing compared to their will power and 'never give up attitude'. I think it's cool. How many people can get rid of fear getting rejection? It really amaze, and therefore I told myself that it's a time to challenge myself n to take next step. The next era of 'Business woman' and here I am today.

3. I have been working with my blood and tears to make my x-boss rich, y should I continue making him rich ? y can't I do it for myself? y can't I make myself richer? Full stop, I know for sure prudential will give me the opportunity that I'm looking for, time for myself, financial freedom, utilize my people skills and something that I passionate.

3 pre reasons are enuough la current reasons that keep me moving :-

1. I love the company culture, I love prudential activities. full with energy, full with motivation, full with people who inspired others ( no hatred or backstab circumstances like office politics).

2. I love the plan a.k.a products, it is very comprehensive until there is no reasons y people don't want to take it. I wish to share with every single person I met about the plan

3. I love meeting up with people. I'm a people people.

that its, all the reasons I have to be with prudential. for those who interested to taste the amazing culture of prudential, do mail/sms me ur name, dob, occupation, gender to or or 012- 217 9790.

My Insurance Career Blog

Salam to all, thank you for ur time visiting my page. I'm actually quit nervous to start blogging and in fact i'm not sure what language I shall use, shall I use 'Bahasa Pasar' or shall I make it more 'Bahasa Baku" or is it suppose to be in Bahasa or maybe English or maybe 'Bahasa Rojak'.

It always not easy for the first time. Always in dilemma. Same when I decided to join Prudential, should I join full time or maybe start part time first..again i'm in dilemma

To cut it short, after think and think and think again, i decided there is nothing better than to join prudential full time. Full time to service people surrounding me, Full time to stay focus, Full time for my career development and finally, Full time for myself n my love ones.

To cut it short also, i decided to use this blog as my free expression towards my career and it shall not restrict to what language or what contents or what information I shall used.

This blog is meant for everyone who seek for more information and looking for personal opinion about buying insurance and takaful. And again to help them make a wise judgement.

Lastly, feel free to give any comment about this blog and for those who looking for FREE insurance and takaful consultation, do sms or email me ur Name, D.O.B, Gender, Occupation, Smoking Status, Budget (suggested to be 10%-15% of ur gross salary) to / / 012 - 217 9790

Ila Natrah