Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How stool can determine your health

Salam Ramadan to all, hopefully 3rd day of Ramadan bring much barakah to all of us. I can feel the difference of this Ramadan as I go home early and reach home as early as 4pm. My routine start from boiling the water,cook rice, prepare dishes and today I'm very happy that I made Roti Jala and Curry Chicken .I truly enjoyed the luxury of breaking fast with the family which something I not enjoyed on my previous working life.

No major things happen on my career as prudential agent on this fasting month but I certainly wanted to share some stories from the talk I went last week, 25th August 2008. The speaker was Mr. Chan, Senior Agency Manager from Singapore. Mr. Chan said there is one thing that can tell our health status. You want to know what is it? It's your stools. The normal stools should be:-

  • 1. Light brown colour. Dark or Black colour means your stools has been kept in colon for very long ( 3-4 days or even a week ). Common practice is to go toilet every day.
  • 2. Sink or float? Check your stools, if it sink, not a good signal, means it has been in the colon for a quite sometimes.
3. Weight, normal stools should be at 600g average,if it lesser, than the system is not functioning as it suppose to be

4. Shape. If your stools shape is like a pencil or narrower than usual..hmmm, you might want to check with doctor as it's a symptom of colon cancer

5. Finding blood ( either bright red or very dark) in your stool.. This is a serious symptom, if it occur, don't delay to perform check with doctor.

Most often, all symptoms are not due to cancer as other health problem can have the same symptoms. The thing I would like to emphasis is, Have U Had Enough Medical Coverage should any of these things happen to you? Ohhh, my company covers me..don't be too sure my friend, because your company also a business institution and they have their own internal limit. If the cost exceeded 20,000, do u have money to settle it? Or if u have, don't u wanted to use it for something else rather than paying medical cost? It's your own choice.

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May God Bless Us in this Ramadan.