Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grab Your Prudential BSN Takaful Executive Diary 2009 for FREE!

Dear Friends,

Grab your Prudential BSN Takaful Diary 2009 for FREE!

How can you do that?

Simple! Get protected with Prudential / PruBSN Takaful with me as your agent from 26th - 28th November 2008 and you entitle to have it. Not only that, upon submisson of the proposal, you will get immediate Personal Accident (PA) coverage. Let me help you to list the benefits of making decision now :-

1) You will get an immediate PA coverage

2) You can fasten up ur medical card waiting period.

3) For those that celebrate thier birthday this month ( Nov 2008), I can help you to backdated the premium inception date so you can enjoy the coverage as ur previous age. Don't be surprise, ur decision will help you to SAVE up to rm3000 in long run

4) You got a FREE Prudential BSN Takaful Executive Diary 2009

For those that still in dilemma either to get protected now or to wait later or maybe next year, wait no more coz there is no better time than today. Let's your family and friends know about it !

Hurry up, contact Ila at 012-217 9790 to set appointment or mail me at

P/S This promotion is for proposal that submitted from 26th-28th Novermber 2008. Terms and Conditions apply.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Azam Ku Sebagai Bloggers!

Dear readers,

Well, to be honest kan, I have to work hard till year end to meet my year end target, but for a fact, I know what I need to do, I still proscatinate it ( jangan tiru k). so, today, dri lunch ako dok depan PC ni, sbbnyer sblm nie asyik kuar mencari appointment jer kan...ari nie jer k..

so, ako gie lah melawat 1 blog to another blog n sampai lah kat bes blog die..very entertaining, bhs pun tak baku sangat, sempoi jer (sori ekk, ako cb gak nk buat bhase tak brape baku, tp x jadi plak).. die citer pasai kerja dier lah, hubby dier lah, gegirl n abang lah ( redmummy nyer children)..kagum nk tau bape banyak entries satu ari ? bkn 4/5 k tp 7 entries beb...fewww! sorilah beb, ako tak tau pun pasai die eventhough die dh dpt awards n dpt promo dr maxis n nuffnang x pe, mne kte leh cedok jd inspirasi kte amik k...

so, ako ingat kalo bebtul nak berbloging at least ako nak cb bt per day per entry dulu..rase cam dh ok, kite up sket ke 2-3 kucing berlari plak kan.. ako still ngan ako nyer intention nak citer pasal prudential, insurance,financial, but nk gak share ngan org ramai pasai benda yg ako buat selain dr insurans kan kan kan..

sebenarnye, dh lame ako beli buku rahsia bloggers tok blaja cam ane nak dptkan, hrp2 ade yg menjadi lah ekk...btw, ade promo kat website dorang, tp ako beli buku drg kat MPH mahai sket lah..

My Top Fav Game - Diner Dash 2

Asyik-asyik cakap pasai prudential pun boring gak kan..once in a lifetime kena gak cari bende2 yg leh memantapkan diri..sperti main game lah..ntah ape ntah kemaruk main game kt umah..Diner Dash 2..huhuhuhu...kesah nye cam nie..

ako ade buat free lance IT job ( I kan org IT dedulu - godek database jer reti, yg lain tak tau k ), so happen gi kat opis membe ni, die ade CD yg bg free trial dinner dash 2 game, sonok punye sonok main smpi kerja kena buat tak terbuat..smpi minta pjm CD tue, nak main kat umah, tp bile bw umah tak leh instal plak..

tp hehhehe kebetulan ja-r (my sista) dr UTM balik, bw pen drive yg ade colection game bes2..tupp tupp ade diner dash 1, aper lagi..tido kul 3 pg lah buatnye main yg plg tak best nyer ja-r kate, "kak natrah, awak ni k'tgalan zaman lah, game nie dh lame, kwn2 ja-r sume dh bosan" takpe, drg tue budak U, blaja n main jer kerja nyer..kak natrah nie bekerja..mane leh bekerja n main ( poyoo gillerrr )

tp bes lah main game nie, nk release tensen..opsss..jgn leka sgt k...for d fact ako dah main game nie everyday almost for 2 weeks k...jgn mare yang!
p/s highly recomended for simple mind relaxing :)

Upgraded Medical Card With Higher Lifetime Limit from Prudential

Salamz to readers,

The introduction of PMM5 (upgraded medical card) comes at an impeccable time when competition and medical inflation fuel consumer demand for a medical plan with higher benefits.

We are pleased to announce that PMM5 is designed with a revised lifetime limit that is 10x of the annual limit. With this feature, customers will have a longer period of financial protection before the lifetime limit is exhausted due to major claims.

Product Features

PMM5 essentially has the same product features as PMM4. The main differences lie in:

1) The lifetime limit of PMM5 is 10x of annual limit while the lifetime limit of PMM4 is only 3x of
annual limit.

2) Premiums and charges for PMM5 is 5% higher than that of PMM4.

The table below summarises the benefits of PMM5:

So, fellow friends, i'm calling all your people out there that still looking for a good medical coverage, wait no more coz Prudential Medical Card is coming right in front of you. Ask these few questions to urself :-

1) Does my company provide me any medical coverage at any event I need major operations? If Yes, how much is the limit? Just for ur info, to remove a 'bisul' can cause RM6k at private hospital, admitted to a hospital for a week can also damage ur pocket.

2) Do I have RM50,000 park aside in case of emergency ?

My friends, if U answer NO either 1 of the questions, please, I urge u, park aside 10% of ur salary for ur own medical card, personal accident and crisis cover protection and the best thing is, if u have not claim anything, u still get ur investment return. Isn't great :)

Please, do not hesitate to give me a call at 012-217 9790 or mail me at for more info and U can get free quotation from me.

Best Regards,
Ila Natrah