Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ila, Apa Beza Antara Conventional Insurace Ngan Takaful Ekk?

Salamz untuk semua...hemmm...soalan paling 'glamer'...dialog ako biasenye :-

ila : so, korang ok ker nak amik conventional atau nak takaful

prospects : ako beza die

ila : senang citer, mcm conventional bank ngan islamic bank, cam tue jugak lah conventional insurance ngan takaful

prospects : ok..ok....tapi ila still kureng paham lagi lah..contoh lain..

ila : actually konsep die sama, cuma yang beza, conventional insurance adalah non shariah compliance n takaful is shariah compliance. Bila takaful itu adalah shariah compliance; die akan bebas dari unsur gharar ( uncertainty ), maysir ( gambling) and riba ( interest ). Takaful company sendri ada shariah board yg akan monitor takaful company nyer activities such as; investmest must be shariah approved and etc. Contoh lagi, dalam takaful kita ada konsep tabarru' which meant setiap individu menyumbang dalam satu pool, so at any event berlaku musibah terhadap mana-mana individu ( contohnye, death, critical illness), duit dalam pool tue akan diberi kepada individu yg ditimpah musibah..

prospects : hemmm..bagus..ada paham sket..

ila: alhamdulilah, so kita proceed lah ngan takaful..ok?

so, ako terus lah tanya health questionnares sbb tak sume org entitle tok amik insurance kan...dah proses sain menyain akan go on lah..

kepada mana- mana individu yg masih memerlukan penerangan...please feel free to drop mail to or or sms me at 012-217 9790 and for those interested to get free quotation please do the same and don't forget to include ur name, dob, gender, smoking status and occupation..

Thank you and have a good day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Secret

2 months back, when I just started the business, I was introduced to "The Secret". I started with the DVD and I think it'WOOW' as it really 'The Secret'. Thanks to Ryonda Byrne who has revealed .Now, I know 'The Secret' and I shall share with all of you. Make your wish to the universe and the universe will say 'You wish is my command' . You can go to 'The Secret' website to have a preview.

I enjoyed wathcing the DVD and decided to purchase 'The Secret' book. Every time I need motivation, I read any chapter and BOOM, I felt the energy as it was transferred to me. Sound like 'poyo' jer, but it's true, try yourself.

In nutshell, these are my personal opinion on what 'The Secret' is all about :-

1. 'Law Of Attraction'. U attract wat is in ur thought. See, ur mind cannot differentiate 'I want' or 'I don't want'. Example, if you say 'I don't want to be late', ur mind can only read 'Late', it can't distinguish between want or don't want. Therefore, we need to change the way we think, always be in positive site, instead of 'I don't want to be late', u shud say ' I want to be early' and believe me, it really makes a difference.

2. 'Man becomes what he thinks'. Now, you need to be very extra careful what you are thinking because it will come to you. If u think about debts, more debts will come to you, if u thinks about traffic jammed, more traffic jammed come to you. if you think about MPPJ 'samans', more MPPJ 'samans' will come to you. U need to choose what is in ur thought. Focus on other things, focus on creating wealth than accumulating debts. Remember earlier I said, ur mind can't distinguish between want or don't want. If u said, I want to get out from debts, it still the debts u r thinking, than the universe will give it more to u.

3. Follow these 3 simple rules. ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. ASK from the universe what u want, like I want to drive BMW325i. BELIEVE you already have n u r driving a BMW325i. RECEIVE as feel the feeling of receive it. and trust me the BMW325i will be yours and it just a matter of time.

4. Gratitude. U need to be gratitude of what u have now. U can't live a bigger dream when u don't appreciate a small things u have now. Very simple, start to thank god that you have eyes to read the blog and fingers that allow u to touch the keyboards and clicking the mouse. Similar, U can't expect to have a happier relationship when at the current state u r not happy.

There are other things in 'The Secret' that can be applied to your life. In fact,I have started to apply it and feel the differences. As simple as ' I want to be early' rather than ' I don't want to be late'. You need to trust yourself.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I Chose to Be With Prudential ?

Y I chose to be with prudential ? Y ? Y ? and Y ? Hemm,to be honest, I can come out with a list of bullet proof explanation but personally, these are my reasons :-
1. I am prudential customer since 2006. My mum was the one who insists me to buy prudential, I still can recall the diaologue :
mom 'natrah, make sure awak beli prudential nye insurance, bagus tue'
me ' apa yg baguih nyer?'
mom ' bagus lah, aru tue mak dengar dorang explain, amik jer, awak tue kerja swasta, kang apa -apa jadi susah'
me ' Yess Boss, nanti natrah amik' . cut it short, i have my plan till today.

2. since then, I met lots n lost of prudential agents, they came to my x-office at phileo ( so happen, prudential has one branch at phileo damansara), they approached me at shopping complex, the called me. At first, I got a little bit annoyed and I believe lost of people have the same feeling. But, those annoyed feeling is nothing compared to their will power and 'never give up attitude'. I think it's cool. How many people can get rid of fear getting rejection? It really amaze, and therefore I told myself that it's a time to challenge myself n to take next step. The next era of 'Business woman' and here I am today.

3. I have been working with my blood and tears to make my x-boss rich, y should I continue making him rich ? y can't I do it for myself? y can't I make myself richer? Full stop, I know for sure prudential will give me the opportunity that I'm looking for, time for myself, financial freedom, utilize my people skills and something that I passionate.

3 pre reasons are enuough la current reasons that keep me moving :-

1. I love the company culture, I love prudential activities. full with energy, full with motivation, full with people who inspired others ( no hatred or backstab circumstances like office politics).

2. I love the plan a.k.a products, it is very comprehensive until there is no reasons y people don't want to take it. I wish to share with every single person I met about the plan

3. I love meeting up with people. I'm a people people.

that its, all the reasons I have to be with prudential. for those who interested to taste the amazing culture of prudential, do mail/sms me ur name, dob, occupation, gender to or or 012- 217 9790.

My Insurance Career Blog

Salam to all, thank you for ur time visiting my page. I'm actually quit nervous to start blogging and in fact i'm not sure what language I shall use, shall I use 'Bahasa Pasar' or shall I make it more 'Bahasa Baku" or is it suppose to be in Bahasa or maybe English or maybe 'Bahasa Rojak'.

It always not easy for the first time. Always in dilemma. Same when I decided to join Prudential, should I join full time or maybe start part time first..again i'm in dilemma

To cut it short, after think and think and think again, i decided there is nothing better than to join prudential full time. Full time to service people surrounding me, Full time to stay focus, Full time for my career development and finally, Full time for myself n my love ones.

To cut it short also, i decided to use this blog as my free expression towards my career and it shall not restrict to what language or what contents or what information I shall used.

This blog is meant for everyone who seek for more information and looking for personal opinion about buying insurance and takaful. And again to help them make a wise judgement.

Lastly, feel free to give any comment about this blog and for those who looking for FREE insurance and takaful consultation, do sms or email me ur Name, D.O.B, Gender, Occupation, Smoking Status, Budget (suggested to be 10%-15% of ur gross salary) to / / 012 - 217 9790

Ila Natrah